The Way We Dress and Communication


There is a proverb that says in effect, “What you said to me, tell me what you think about me but what you going to tell me what you think about yourself.” The way we dress is a statement. It tells the world how we perceive ourselves.

Communication has little to do with the words we use. It is done mostly through intonation, body language and various signals that fly under the radar of individuals who are trying to communicate.

choice of words, “trying to mediate” was done intentionally. It does not matter how much we try, how good we are or how well-intentioned we are, concise communication simply does not exist except in rare cases where the message is so simple that it simply can not be misconstrued.

What we call communication would be more appropriately defined as leave an impression. The message we try to convey the core spiritual figure and sometimes like a simple feeling of receiver communication.

except in very special cases, we are drawn to what is being communicated in the right words. These words form an image or a concept in our mind that sums up for us what has been read or heard. To complicate matters even more, the telecommunications colored by mood and all that is perceived by the senses of the receiver communication.

One has only to look at the various courts to understand the complexity of communication is. Judges and lawyers have often debated for several months to determine the exact meaning of the law was carefully crafted by experts to try to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

The United States Constitution, high quality document was approved on September 17, 1787 and it has been discussed since. That says volumes about the accuracy of communication.

Given all these issues, we must first finalize and accept the fact that as we try to tell our relations have very good chance of being misconstrued. So it should be no surprise if the reaction we get when trying to send is not what we expected.

Second, extra care must be given to do everything in our power to transfer the image in the mind of the listener to coordinate as much as possible is what we’re trying to say and who should start by the dress.

Even before anything is said, the listener has already made up his mind about who we are and where we are coming from. That opinion is based on the way we are dressed and the film by hand.

The rock star Photo will fail miserably in trying to convey the image of stalwartness and reason just like a suit and tie will not send a message to party boy. There are adequate for every lifestyle and every category of people. It is for us to judge and decide what accoutrement would be best to move our key messages to the world.

A commercial airline pilot with loose hair all the way to his shoulders could be as competent as the other with a short haircut, but will certainly not inspire as much confidence in their passengers.

our culture has defined specific dress code to convey specific messages. After the code is certainly not necessary but choose to ignore it is certainly not the wisest thing to do, that is, if we want to send as accurately as possible.