The “5 W’s marketing” – A Simple Technique to achieve your marketing campaigns off on the right


Being a marketing coach and consultant, as well as a small business owner myself, one that I understand clearly is that most small businesses are simply not fortunate enough to have an unlimited supply of marketing dollars – money for marketing is usually tight. Therefore, in order to maximize the results of the marketing dollars, a small business must carefully plan, craft, and execute all marketing initiatives.

Now then marketing should never be a one-time thing, I like to group my marketing campaigns. Campaigns have real targets that can be measured – otherwise how do we know whether the marketing efforts have been successful or not

That being said, I want to share with you part of my marketing planning. process I remember at the beginning of the campaign I pursue – whether for my company or any company, my client – what I call the “5 W’s of Marketing”

The 5 W’s. are simply “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why” of the market and they are as follows:

The First “W” “Who”

In a nutshell, this is your target market – this is you want to sell your products and / or services. So they are exactly? Who are you going to market to

The Second “W”, “what”

What exactly are the product and / or services you are marketing? And what are the benefits they bring? If you are not clear on what you are actually selling, there is a good chance that your target market will not be either – and confused mind does not buy

The Third “W”: The. “When”

When it comes to marketing, both in timing and consistency are important. So when you plan to start marketing the product and / or services? How long marketing campaign to last? A common understanding among the market’s average, it takes at least 4 touches or contacts the target market just get on their radar, and at least 7 for them to consider buying from you. Therefore, it makes probably wise to plan for at least seven touches in the marketing campaign. Now it is also important here to determine the basis that you will make every touch. In other words, Day 1 you will get in front of your target market in this way … Day 3 you will get in front of them so … Day 7 so … and so on.

Rule of thumb: erratic marketing = erratic results … consistent marketing = consistent results

Fourth “W”, “Where”

These are marketing mediums you will use for marketing campaign. Marketing media are simply ways that we use to send our marketing messages to target our market. So where will you do your marketing? What media you use and why? What media is the target market want? Knowing how you target market prefers to be available to can go a long way here

The Fifth “W” :. “Why”

This is the purpose of your marketing. It defines what you expect to achieve from your marketing efforts. So why are you planning on marketing your products and / or services in the first place? What results do you expect? Want to increase sales … establish your credibility … broaden its reach within the target market … or all of the above? My point is just to be clear on your “why”.

So in the end I’m going to be a little strong here so sticking for a while. Conduct any marketing without being clear on the 5 W’s is actually neglect – it is a blatant abuse of company time and money. So my challenge to you is to take the necessary 15 minutes to think about, document, and send the 5 W’s of each campaign by family members help you make it happen

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