Should your company use Facebook in Marketing Communication Your Strategy?


Introducing new and innovative marketing ideas into current marketing communication strategy can give the most confident business owners more than a few sleepless nights, but someone who knows something about marketing knows that you need to be where your customers are selling your products or services and now customers are on Facebook. So while it may seem a bit overwhelming and risky to go ahead and introduce a Facebook marketing strategy, marketing strategy to allow you to get down there with your customers to learn more about their needs, and how you can better serve them , leaves an impression with your customers that you are truly interested in earning their business and money as well

If you are not sure whether your company should use Facebook marketing strategy here are some reasons why you should .:

1. 350 million and growing

Facebook has proudly announced recently that they had passed the 350 million members, meaning, if it were his own country , it would be the third largest in the world. What better way to take advantage of free marketing tool?

2. 100 Million US users

With over 100 million US users you have to introduce yourself to the entire US population of consumers in one place, with the possibility for them to read about your business what you have to offer, customers can leave comments, you can introduce a FAQ page the website as well. This is the top leader in social networking today.

3. An hour a day

average will be an hour a day on Facebook user. This is more face time than any radio or billboard ad that you want to spend thousands if not millions of dollars on advertising, yet another good reason to promote the Facebook business marketing communication strategy.

4. Nearly 80,000 sites with Facebook Connect

Now customers do not need to get online (computer) to be allowed to see or Facebook posts, advertising or applications. There are over 80,000 different online sites, and phones with a Facebook app. As Facebook is leading Google’s main website as well; Just another reason to promote business marketing communication strategy for Facebook.

With these four reasons, introducing Facebook in Your Business Marketing Communication strategy is less risky business. Not only is Facebook free for personal and professional use, you must save fistfuls of money that would normally be spent on advertising, while raking in profits from any new customers that you can get through Facebook.

if you still shelter any doubts about whether or not to introduce Facebook in business marketing communication strategy, but perhaps you should log into your Facebook account and check competitors Facebook page and see what you’re missing out on .