Sample Social Media Marketing Plan


Missing sample social media marketing plan? This is a quick and dirty sample plan without BS. This program will assume that you already have accounts with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. This sample social media marketing plan is expected that you have already made personal accounts and interesting so we can focus right in on the activities that you need to perform.

1. Twitter Make it a daily habit to follow 90 to 110 people every single day. You can do this manually or use applications like Twitter Friend Adder achieve this. Make sure you filter out other marketers and only if accompanied by real people who are interested in the niche you are marketing. How do you quickly and easily find these people? Use the search bar on the Twitter home page, type in your topic, and then type “-http” and “-www” only to find tweets that are not conducive external link. These people are laser targeted.

Start using services to automate your tweets as SocialOomph. Twitter no longer allows duplicate tweets you can use the multiple-friend feature to organize repeated tweet with spin-able text so that each recurring Tweet is different. You have to go day or every other day to make small changes each tweet in spinning text but you can make changes as subtle as including days of this. You just have to do something minor to make each Tweet unique so that it will not be rejected by Twitter. You would probably want to put in about 24 different tweets that contain marketing messages and set up recurring tweets for once per hour. Make sure that you always answer the question “What are you doing?” For example, if you are selling e-books on how to be a better bass fishermen, do not send out tweets like, “Attention all bass fishermen, go to this link to improve your fishing.” Instead, send a Tweet like, “I read this book to learn new tricks bass fishing to embarrass my partner when we go fishing next week.”

2. Facebook . You should really be doing the same with Facebook, except that you probably would not want to add more than 20 new friends a day to avoid getting your account deleted. Use the search function to find people who sign materials such as interest and which are part of the Facebook group around the subject. Telecom marketing messages via status updates, as you would use Twitter. Search for specific applications within Facebook to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account so that all of these automatic tweeting marketing comes through as status updates on Facebook. Stay away from using direct messages to Facebook friends for marketing purposes. Make direct mail as personal and “non-salesy” as you possibly can to establish a relationship and let the currents make the sale.

3. YouTube . Use friend adder programs like Tube Blaster Pro automatically add 25 to 40 friends per day who have video up on the topic. Whatever you do, do not try to sell these friends with direct messages, video comments, or channel comments. Use friends add the application to gather friends and make content-rich videos and then share these videos with YouTube friends. Make sure that videos are meaningful and they are 90% content and only 10% of sales pitch. You can also connect Facebook and Twitter accounts to your YouTube account so that the videos you make will be shared with Facebook friends and Twitter followers as well. Create and share at least one video a week this way but not more than

4. MySpace . Use the MySpace site to combine all of these methods. Write a long life for yourself, marketing niche, and what you are all about. Make it interesting. Incorporate as many of your YouTube videos and you feel like the MySpace site. Search within Myspace for a program that will connect your Twitter account to MySpace. Use a program called MySpace Friend Blaster Pro to add 90 to 110 new friends a day.

I hope this shows a social media marketing plan is useful. Go use it now.