Safety Communication Ideas -? Email Marketing For security professional


Send a safety message and gain support for the programs can be challenging in today’s business environment. Things have picked up for the many industries that require speed seen several years ago in memory. To keep up, new employees generally hired and workload increased. Does this sound familiar to you? Probably, if you do not plan for it and keep safety awareness up plans will suffer or get trumped by other performance metrics.

As I was thinking about simple ways to get your message out, I kept going back to my email and noticed that everyone is selling via email. From large retailers to local producers email marketing programs are used. Think about it, you need to read email from Groupon or similar marketing companies lately? My best guess is that you are and you could even buy something from one of those great places contract or other vendors.

Here are some reasons why I think you opened the email and why I think you can use it in Security

-. A title that gets the attention. If you change the usual 100% facts based email security, most security experts communicate and add a little fun with the chance that it gets opened and read increases. An example might be, the number one reason I get out of bed every day and why it should matter to you. This is much better than e-mail that says safety performance review

-. Use a little humor when possible. I keep reading email marketing messages and they seem to have employees feel a little humor mixed in to keep it fun. Now, I realize that this may not be appropriate for all circumstances, but it can be used more often than you might think

-. All these types of e-mail is a “compact” or value proposition of some type. The security we are always looking for a way to make sure that management understands what we need them to do to support the effort. There are many common themes that can be used. Such as, to go on the way we came or other such themes. You may also make it a little more fun and put the question that must be answered in each e-mail and say the first one to answer gets a prize.

Think about what causes the pain and try to shape the “deal” around it. If the supervisor is not as complete training you might have a coupon for a free training day off where you do the training instead of making it. You get the idea, feel pain and offer a deal to keep management interest. Now you can peak interest and make safety fun

– All e-mail as they try to sell you something. If you think about it, security experts are always “sell” product management and employees. Plans and policies are the product we want them to buy, and this can be done in many ways, including discipline. Consider adding a soft approach as well to balance efforts out. You may want to end every e-mail with the field to be safe every day while highlighting hot topics such as, the most prevalent type of injury and what you want them to do to prevent it.

Although there is no one solution that will solve all the problems, a combination of efforts can increase the risk of management support and understanding of the safety program efforts. That is why it is important to use several methods of communication in an effort to get support for your programs. Frequency security email marketing campaign is up to you. As with most things, the more you do it the more it sinks in Have fun with your communication, take you out of your comfort zone while gaining more support for the most import goal of them all – .. Keep employees from hurting