Painting Business Marketing Tips and ideas


Marketing is an important part of running a successful painting business. No matter how good you are in making professional paint job, it will not help you if you do not have a marketing strategy in place to promote and sell the services you offer.

In this article we look at how effective painting Business Marketing techniques can help your company get painting jobs you need regularly. We also have off ideas and tips on setting such a marketing plan together.

Branding Strategy

From the outset, you should set out to develop the brand. Give some thought to how you want to shape public perception of the company. A great name and logo design can give your brand picturesque but there is much more to it than that. A winning brand strategy is to have the right attitude to adopt a business philosophy that will ensure that you start slowly developing a good reputation. Strive to become known as a reliable company that always meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Painting Niche Markets

Before you can start to develop a marketing strategy that you need to know exactly what the painting service you’re selling. Depending on the size of the local market and the number of drivers you can decide to specialize in one particular area or be a ‘Jack of all trades.

market can basically be divided into two broad areas, exterior and interior painting. Outside or outdoor painting work is generally easier to get as people are less likely to do it themselves because of the perceived risk of a ladder. The great thing about outdoor painting work is that customers are generally less demanding they are when you are painting surfaces inside the home. With an outdoor painting you have to consider safety in larger scale, however, especially for multi story buildings. You do not even need to limit yourself to house painting all manner of buildings need painting from time to time.

Market Research

Do some thorough market research and discover all the opportunities that are out there in the market. You also need to try to understand who your customers are likely to be and how you can market your services to them in a way they will respond well. Put together some customer profiles and chatting with a few typical customer to find out more of their potential. Get in your customers shoes and try to understand what they are looking for in a painting business.

Networking Tips

One good way to pick up some regular jobs is to approach people who you think are in a position to be able to refer clients to you . Try to make a connection with the property developers, interior decorators, real estate agents, home staging companies, asset management companies and others who are out there in the market. Other options include network to join the local Builders Association or Chamber of Commerce.

Search for other well-established services which have a large list of clients and regular communication with them. You can find a cleaning company or lawn care company will introduce service to their mailing list for payment.

It can be great to have relationships with other contractors painting. While they are competitors in some sense, they can also be useful. If you specialize in different types of paintings you work in different parts of town, you can just to be able to refer business to each other. If you are lucky there may be times when you have more work then you can see. Being able to go to work in other painters who you know are reliable will be good for customers and good for them. They can also reciprocate and send you win.

One great place to meet people at home improvement stores. The painting section at Home Depot can be a gold mine if you are friendly and strike up some casual conversations. You will meet other contractors there and you might even meet customer as well.


The obvious way for a new business to get in touch with potential customers is through advertising. Try different techniques that will put you directly in touch with your target market. For more information see our article on Painting business promotion.


It helps if you have some marketing material to show prospective clients when you meet them for a consultation. Have some brochures made up or at least take a list with you with pictures of some of the work you’ve done before. Stories from past clients also offer the possibility of any kind of certainty and ‘social proof “that they want before they sign on the dotted line.

What can you do if you have not completed any paint jobs yet or have not any appropriate images? One great tip is to buy Stock Photography from online retailers. Featuring images of beautiful paint jobs in the brochure or on the website is fraudulent if you do not make false claims about the described work to be your own.

Fine Tune your Sales Process

to be a huge success in the paint business you need to have someone on the team who is able to go out and sell your services. There are many different sales methods and techniques and they all have different levels of success depending on the sales person and the prospect. Learn about several different methods, test them out and then find out what works for you.

not be intimidated by the idea that you are selling. Sometimes if you just be yourself, be positive and lead customers through a pleasant conversation about how you can help them, that’s all it takes.

try to up-sell customers more painting work. Once they have agreed to hire you to paint a certain area you can also begin to other areas of their house or property that could do with some paint work.

Ideas for Customer Service

The painting business you need to be a good communicator and a good painter. It is necessary to take the time to understand each customer’s unique requirements. Always give them the best standard of service and ensure they have open lines of communication with you. This should begin immediately as soon as they get in touch with you to inquire about your services. Try to have someone answering calls in person and if that is not possible then make sure you return your call as soon as possible.

Marketing to existing customers

When you have customers and have completed some work on the home, which does not have to be the end of your relationship with them. Build a customer list with notes about each property that you have painted. You can contact them from time to time and offer to do another painting work they need.

There are many excellent guide books available online that will offer you more ideas and techniques for painting business marketing. If you study marketing in general you will find that most of the concepts related to the painting industry and can be applied in your business.