Mobile Marketing – New Innovations


When talking about mobile marketing, this is a very young advertising method. This really started back in the early 2000s. Many companies were collecting cell phone numbers but did not really know how to use them. At this point, more people than today still had landlines so telemarketing and advertising was still more focused on this particular avenue.

Messages truly began to hit home because of Short Message Services or SMS for short. Now any company that gets the number can send a message most times but it has to meet certain guidelines set by each cell phone carriers. This can help ensure that you, the sender, in accordance with the airlines so that people are not the message invasive.

When talking about mobile marketing as a strategy, you will want to use a list that you create yourself usually. This could be something that you incorporate into the way you deal with your customers. They could potentially sign up online for messages to be sent or who get part of the debate in customer relations. This can be a way to touch your customers more frequently and at a very inexpensive way.

One thing to keep in mind is that it can not be good to buy a database of cell phone customers when thinking about mobile marketing. Some cell phone companies will sell their database. Many cell phone users may find this to be intrusive and you may lose potential customers as a result. It is difficult to estimate what the response rate on this will be as well. This has been stopped by some cell phone companies by refusing to sell the list or creating a double opt-in. With this, it takes two yes from the customer before you have permission to send text messages. This can be a good way to establish your customer base and customer base has truly raised their hands to say they are interested in this medium of communication.

Each client will respond to different communications. Some respond to mail, some will respond to newspaper ads, and others will respond to calls. This can help to restore part of the customer base that answer your other communication attempts. It is estimated that an average of seven percent of individuals will respond to text messages. This is much higher than many direct mail pieces where a company often is thrilled to have three to five percent response rate. Mobile marketing can be very effective for your business.

You could even use this as a special way to reach customers on the sale not open to the public. This can be useful because the return rate between message and action is significantly shortened unlike with mail when you are working and waiting for it to be delivered.

Think about mobile marketing as a way to develop more business and provide more value for customers. It can be an easy way to reach people and you could receive sales quickly for a special event if things are slow in the company.