Mid Sized Company Marketing & Marketing Communications – Four keys to success in the market today


“It’s a buyer’s market!” We seem to be hearing that everywhere these days, whether it is for the consumer or business to business (B2B) product or service purchase, this economy has taught our customers a new way to buy. And with a plethora of new technologies provide data sources to assess and compare the characteristics of the brand and reputation for purchase, how to market now our customers – both new and old -. Represents a series of challenges

As a B2B or consumer market in this new market environment, how marketing and marketing communications strategies and tactics should keep and employment is a problem for everyone. But it is possible to overcome these problems -. Here are four important key to success

know your target audience

Knowing your audience is a major priority. As the management of many midsized companies, you probably think you know what your current and potential customers want and believe the brand. But do you really think

Before you spend your limited marketing dollars, is not it a better idea to use market research to determine the -? For equity – what is most important to your audience? And how they rate the product and its characteristics compared to the competition?

Also, do not forget to conduct research with their own employees and channel partners to find out how of views match up with your customers’ needs and requirements. Employees and channel partners can be your best brand advocates, but they have got to be in sync with the priorities of customers and prospects.

Investment marketing communications dollars to find and then promote what customers really want is the key to improve marketing ROI. The old adage, “Look Before You Leap” has never been more true.

Value Both New and Traditional Media

traditional media such as print and broadcast advertising, events, direct mail and public relations, yet very important marketing tools. But, be as important, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, webinars, online video, and a whole host of new media choices. Everyone has value, and learn how to use them in concert is important. But you have to take the time to understand their relative efficiency , not just their efficiency .

question address is that media mix of this marketing communications tactics to employ to retain existing customers, much less benefit leads for new customers. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these methods to your target audience presents some interesting challenges, and you will be able to separate myths from facts. For example, did you know that:

  • 47 percent of Americans between 50 and 64 years, are now actively using social media, up from 22 percent in April, 2009 (Pew Research);
  • Magazine readership has actually increased over the past five years, even in the 18-34 category (MPS);
  • While US advertising expenditures declined by 9 percent in 2009 to $ 117 billion, cable TV advertising increased by 17 percent, and Spanish television advertising increased by 32 percent (the media);
  • Almost two-thirds of consumers’ value their direct mail “, but only 36 percent of marketers believe this – clearly disconnected (USPS)
  • Retailers who sent messages online have found that shorter posts (with fewer than 80 characters) to 66 percent higher participation of long posts. And a special “dollars off” message get higher redemption of the general “rate of”, “contract” or “agreement” sentences (Buddy Media).

clearly understand the advantages of both traditional and new media, especially for midsized companies with limited resources, is very important. Both are important, and find the right mix for your business is another key to your success.

involved in the marketing material

Recently there has been an explosion of marketing materials to meet the demand for information with curious buyers. Whether in B2B or consumer marketing communities, existing and potential customers have started to search for blogs, videos, articles, white papers and case studies to provide them with ongoing and fresh sources of information.

depth of information now available to customers, and the speed at which it is available to them, when they want it , can raise brand, improve reputation, develop your potential and achieve profitable Halls participation. It can not be ignored. But there are issues. A recent B2B Marketing Trends survey report from the Hive Fire, including nearly 400 marketing professionals:

  • Nearly 70 percent of the material, “curators” the lack of time hinders their efforts
  • Two-thirds say the lack of original and quality content is a big disadvantage;
  • 37 percent say lack of expertise to do the work is a major problem, but as the number of difficult to measure profitability.

But, recognizing the importance of marketing materials and tackle this problem could be another key to your success.

not go it alone

Truly understanding your audience, learn about new as well as traditional media opportunities and develop important content marketing plan represent the main keys to improve marketing and marketing communications ROI. But there is more.

Probably a lot of smart thinking has already gone into creating a business strategy, plans and technology. But, like most midsized companies, you may be understaffed and underfunded to make changes to take advantage of this marketing tool in today’s environment. The solution – do not go it alone

Consider cooperation with established senior level advisors to help you and your team to develop, refine and implement your plans .. Above all, look for counseling groups that are “media neutral “, and are not selling one particular marketing discipline. And make sure they have extensive experience across industries and brands, as well as a willingness to “tell it like it is” such openness will flourish. And luckily find the right consulting partner to work with you could prove to be the fourth key to marketing success.