Mid Sized Company Marketing Communications Budget Planning


This is the time of year when most companies, brands and nonprofits is involved with developing marketing communications plans and budgets for next year. This is not an easy task each year, but if you are already deeply involved in the process, or just starting, the task is even more challenging this year given the continuing global economic uncertainty.

More than ever, increased accountability and scrutiny of the decision-making process is needed to improve marketing communications ROI. Customers, whether existing or new, have a multitude of choices to evaluate and select a product or service, so it is very important to be on the same page with them.

What follows recommends a three-pronged approach to help you develop a budget and a plan to profit impact your marketplace.

Understand clients target audience

Like most managers, you probably believe you fully understand the wants and needs of customers, as well as their knowledge of the brand. But with so many new techniques available for customers to compare your brand competition, are you sure?

Is it smart to plan and commit valuable marketing dollars your relationship to what you think you know about your customers? Perhaps it would be much better learn directly from them what they want, and how you stack up with the needs of .

end which means market . Whether you’re a B2B, B2C or nonprofit market, now is the time to learn from your client.

  • What characteristics or qualities are important to them in choosing a brand? Beyond price, what other factors affect the buying decision?
  • How they give the brand against competition? What are the strongest and weakest qualities, and what you need to improve?

Would not you be safer in decision making if you had concrete answers to these questions before you get, much less undertake, budgets? And do not forget about making sure you understand your employees or distributors. They are the first line of brand advocacy. Their attitude may not line up with the confidence of your customers, and could lead to lost opportunities or lost sales. Look before you leap.

A Marketing Communications review can sharpen the message

Once you understand completely your customers, the next step is to focus on the message. The single greatest source of leverage you have is quality message , whether it’s a television commercial, a post on the Facebook page, your website, articles, blogs or white papers. Once the message fails to deliver, it is not usually benefits fail, but the lack of an integrated focused brand communication.

A marketing communications audit, conducted by external consultants who have no interest or an ax to grind, can – like a financial audit – be enormous benefits. It will tell you if all the creative aspects of using – content, graphics, copy, tone and manner -. Are working together with one clear and meaningful message to your customers, as well as your employees

additional benefit of marketing communications audit is its ability to determine the communication mix and resulting budgets. For example, based on customer needs, perhaps more should be spent on marketing materials, with articles and blogs, and less in paid advertising, promotion or consumer coupons. Just make sure all of your messages is to say the same to meet the needs of customers. It is a matter of strengthening the image you want to convey confidence in your brand.

mountain Marketing Communications Consultants

No one is doubting that smart, dedicated people have been involved in developing marketing communication budget and schedule. But, if you’re like most midsized companies, people are probably stretched to the limit.

consider partnership with an established, senior level consultant to help your team to develop, refine and, if appropriate, implement programs. Above all, make sure that the consultant has extensive experience in sectors, industries and brands, and is not stuck with “this is the way we’ve always done it” thinking. An apolitical team, with a willingness to “tell it like it is”, with fresh eyes can be a major asset for profitable growth phone.

The unsettled environment, is upfront focus on developing budgets and programs can go a long way to improve marketing communications ROI.



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