Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – One Tool Marketing Toolkit


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; it is old hat for the market, right? After 65 years of what can potentially be used for sophisticated, Internet-based market today? Enough. The hierarchy of needs addresses human needs and can still be a useful tool in the toolbox sophisticated market. As a refresher, the main needs:

  • physical
  • security
  • love
  • opinion
  • self-actualization

Comprehending Maslow is complicated but quickly glancing at the table of basic needs. Unfortunately, it is all of us get the most marketing books – if they mention the man at all. Well-developed market will get more sophisticated understanding of the detailed reading of the original article.

The study Maslow, one finds he claims never to have written doctrine that all aspects of human motivation. It is not the “end-all, be-all” and what motivates us. Yet hierarchy adds additional perspective, you can refer to when you create a campaign. I Maslow be one tool among many that I use when trying to deliver maximum value to the customer. When I fix something at home, I often use a hammer, drill and sometimes several wrenches. I could try to make each broken door or device with a pair of pliers, but it is not very efficient and usually I end lay at the surface or stripping the head of the bolt or screw.

Similarly, if I’m building a presentation for clients that I can combine my understanding of the hierarchy of needs with an explanation about Campbell travel hero, and Ries and Trout Positioning ideas. I may well consider a half-dozen other psychological and marketing theories, on the scope of the campaign and the time allotted to it.

Maslow can often provide ground to work out, especially when we try to decide what put the needs of our target audience likely needs met. “The man is endlessly like animals” Maslow writes, and yet we need to bring of the needs we feel already met, at least in part, to our target audience. Then we can determine which of the “unsatisfied” needs to focus on and develop our campaign.

There is an important point that I glossed over when I first ran across Maslow simple “Grid”. He shows that only rates the needs are filled every time. Most people simply do not neatly fill each level altogether, and then go to the next level.

This fact, the only part of the needs are met every time, allows us to craft a unique, focused campaigns that target multiple needs.

The next article will discuss specific applications create a marketing campaign for a hypothetical bank. For our campaign, we will use the term Duty (as part of self-esteem needs) and combine it with security and love needs.

Maslow is a fascinating read.