Marketing To Teens & tweens – The Big Payoff


Remember the old slogan that “children should be

seen and not heard? “

Clearly no longer about teens and tweens,

prepubescents 8 to 14 years. These days, teenagers

and tweens are seen and heard, loud and clear.

What should business people do about these two

groups? Just wait until they grow up? No, not at all

all. You need to take action now.

Although not always old enough to buy our products,

we constantly marketing communications to teens

and tweens, start now.

Just then, can become a positive relationship

between tweens and teens and business, location

you for future long-term success.

As author Anne Souther Land writes, to get to them

age 8 or 9 “on the cusp of tweendom.”

years, the tobacco and alcohol industry

tried to reach the kids with a message saying, “when

you are old enough to drink or smoke, please use

brand. “

fast food chains market to kids, too. They aim

television their children, since children often

decide which fast food store to visit, for mom

decides that “she deserves a break today.” Dad

lamely concludes contract chauffeur and treasurer.

Marketing payoff for fast food companies is

from promotion to tweens and teens when they

reach the 18-24 age group, the heaviest fast food

user group.

majority of 18 to 24 year olds eat most meals in fast

dining options.

Extensive market research show that those 11 and

above do not consider themselves children anymore.

For example, 70% of boys and girls aged 13 select

their own clothes. 60% of tween boys make their

own fast food dining choice.

Most boys at 10 years already know what kind of car they would

like to buy.

In their own minds, those over 11 are now adults.

25 million tweens in the United States spend $ 51 billion

every year, and another $ 170 billion is spent on them

annually, mainly by parents and relatives.

The teen market has $ 175 billion in annual sales.

One high school senior in three carries high credit

card. And 63% of teens are very well wired, mainly

by having their cell phones and / or laptops

Very interesting, you say -. But what is really at stake

here for me, as a business person? Enough! It

are four key points to keep in mind:

1. The authority of parents is dwindling-because some

parents of Wimpy “train up their children

how they should go, “It’s way.

Cone Headed, permissive Doctor Spock mushiness prevails

in many homes (“children are our friends and we dare

offend them “).

2. In the absence of consistent, wise parents

leadership, tweens and teens are strongly influenced

with peer groups and market research show.

3. Market has been blessed for many years with

Baby Boomers (1946 to 1964). But Boomers are

starting to retire and within 10 to 20 years, their

purchasing power will decrease.

4. Serious marketing futurists think today is

tweens can eventually replace boomers financially,

since tweens are extremely quality and brand awareness

and are very glib spenders.

That being the case, why should not the long-term

market begins to cultivate tweens now?

While we regret the reduction in the value of parents,

my opinion that we should start Us

building with tweens and teens now to help create

long-term business success in these reasons

1. tweens and teens are excellent practitioners

of “viral marketing,” today’s time for word of mouth

advertising. This is a cost-efficient way to


2. tweens and teens are unaware of the benefits of

self-employed, where parents often do not know

this and most schools are still creating

employees suitable for employees in the Industrial Revolution,

that no longer exists.

tweens and teens need to learn to sell, trade

planning, and how to develop themselves personally

and professional success self-employed


3. Since the 10-year-old boys know what kind of car they

want, they should learn from the market now how to take

car care – especially the products and

services they require.

Now it is my doing busines start communication

with tweens and teens?

We are taking on Tony Bennett approach. Explain

career resurgence Tony, his son and manager, Danny,

said, “We did not make it cool to be Tony Bennett. We

put it in places where it was cool to be. “

This is Tony in collaboration with BB King, the late

Ray Charles, David Letterman Show and games

the Simpsons to name a few.

So we are beginning to put my company and myself in tween and teen where it’s cool to be.

John just got a “space” in the wildly popular with

tweens and teens website.

In just one week, he has been contact with the local authority

computer service and repair business woman selling

mortgage refinancing.

John has added Internet Messenger, the IM is very

popular among the younger generations, which is text messaging,

especially tweens and teens.

major portals recently launched versions . John has created a “space” there as well.

And one counseling professionals is to teach customers

how to my existing portal sites to find customers partner, “talk” to look with IM.

It is just the initial start our teens and tweens.

What yours be? How soon will you start?



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