Marketing – The Hook


comes, the first thing you say about your business. It is the first thing you put on your marketing message. The best hook is the company name that, unfortunately, hooks people. A hard-c sound – carrot, cucumber – not bad advice

Zeer-ROCKS .. Klee-neck. These hard-c sound affect us. It is being tested. They are remembered. When the hook is sharp and certain, there is nothing left for the audience to do but take the action that you offer. One hook. One action. It is the best marketing message can cause.

Marketing messages are not advertising. Advertising can explain and convince. They often make the sale. Marketing messages, on the other hand, do not make sales. They do not block the deal. They encourage one operation. They fit on a billboard or bus sides. They have one headline. It’s visceral and compelling.

“Death of a Salesman” opened in 1940. Many warned Arthur Miller, playwright, death would not sell the title. But it did not keep people away. The power of the product did work, obviously, compelling people to recommend to play with their friends, but the title now appears powerful and strong. In high-promote our culture, the bottom line hooks startling and refreshing. We trust honesty. It can seem so rare.

Tell it like it is. Then tell them what to do. Knee-jerk. (It is hard-c again.) It would be quite an effective marketing event. Stifle you. They jerk.

best peace is someone’s name. You’re trying to hook some particular person, is not it? Or multitude. A special word, idea or question makes a great hook. “Where’s the beef?” Remember that cranky old grandmother? 80s were not that long ago. But we are more spread out now. We all do not watch the same channel or network. Companies used to be able to reach their target markets. Now our markets looking for us.

Which is why the best hook is the keyword that people are searching the internet. The traffic is out there. We must not only stand in it. We have to keep up a sign that they are looking for.

“Just do it.” You know the company. One simple sentence and, perhaps, some athletes do something – to do one specific item. If a picture is worth a thousand words, why not one picture with the fewest words possible? “Brevity is the soul of wit.” The high avalanche marketing messages, special and almost silent message is perhaps best heard. Think orientation. (Another hard-c.) What grabs your attention? On stage it is said, “Less is more.” Less of you gives room for more of them, the audience. More thought. More feeling. More response. More features.

And that, I suppose, is what you want to cause with marketing. So be clear and concise. Sharpen hook and offering them only one operation. Test and measure and improve. Adapt. Soon you will contact customers. Remember to always hook them with all the letters. Good communication is a skill you can practice. You do not communicate until you get the answer.