Marketing Plan Template: How to Quickly Create Marketing Plan


marketing plan is the key document that you need to gather in order to successfully gain new customers and grow profitably venture.

You can easily create a marketing plan if you understand 12 key aspects of a successful marketing strategy. So in this article I’m going to walk through the 12 key components for you to follow so that you can easily create a plan.

The first section is to find your target market and target customers. If you have not identified the ideal target customers, for example, it may be women age 20 to 39 living in Kansas City who are in households with an annual income over $ 100,000 a year. You just need to really identify who your target audience is.

The second part is going to be for you to know the USP or Unique Selling Proposition. Unique Selling Proposition defines why customers should buy from you. What makes the product unique and services against the competition?

The third part is the pricing strategy where you have to figure out what is the ideal pricing for all products and services. This includes possibly regularly versions of your products and also premium or discount versions.

The fourth section distribution plan. Distribution plan how customers buy your products. Do they buy it directly through your storefront or your website? Do you have a partner who also distribute products, etc?

In the next section “offers”. What are you offering that you’re going to be doing your customers to make them buy? For example, the offer could be that we have a buy nine get one free, or that we guarantee our products for 90 days or your money back. You need to think about what it is that you offer your customers is going to force them to take action.

The sixth part is to think about and put together your marketing materials. What marketing materials are going to be necessary for you to successfully implement the marketing plan? You need brochures, business cards, flyers, a website, etc? You need to develop the materials.

The seventh chapter is the introduction of technology. How are you going to promote products and services to potential customers? There are tons of different ways. Are you going to make advertising on television or radio or newspaper advertising? Are you going to use direct mail? Are you going to use telemarketing? Are you going to go door to door? There is a host of ways you can promote your business.

The next step is to think about how you’re going to expand your business. When you get the leads you need to have procedures in place to convert those leads into customers. You can do this by better sales scripts, etc.

The next step is to think about and define joint projects and cooperation and think about what other companies could partner with you to get more customers. Ideally, you can think about the business products or services that customers buy before they buy your products or services, and work with them.

The tenth chapter policy referrals. How are you going to get existing customers to refer more business to you? Eleventh part of the marketing plan template is figuring out how to increase conversion rates and look at bundling products so you can create more revenue per transaction. Finally, the twelfth and final section of your marketing plan is a retention strategy. That is, how will you get customers to become customers for life and keep paying you and buy products and services over and over again. If you can accomplish this, you can use all the marketing costs and expenses you incurred trying to attract those customers in the first place.