Marketing Communications


Marketing communications is called messaging and media related to that message to the market. There are many ways that you can interact with the market ie through personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, promotions, advertising, direct marketing and so on. In this article, we shall look at some of these methods.

Personal sell

Personal selling is referred to as a way to sell the product to the consumer personally. It was much easier to sell products in the last century than it is now. The basic philosophy of the seller is to sell products that do not peddler but as a consultant. For this, personal selling has become a viable tool that companies work the emotions of consumers to enable them to buy products.

Sales Promotion

This is the way that sales of the product can be increased. In this type of marketing communication, both in the media and outside the media is concerned. Their goal is to increase consumer demand, increasing the number of products or stimulate demand in the market for a limited predetermined amount of time. Some examples of sales promotion can be competition, rebates, free flights and even “Point of Purchase” show.

Public Relations

This involves direct communication between a company and its customers. Public relations include activities of the Company that are not directly lead to a payment from its customers or the public. Some examples of public relations at press conferences, speaking at public meetings and communication with employees.

The difference between public relations and advertising is that while the ads are some tangible output, public relations is not tangible.


There is a way to advertise. It is through this way of marketing communications for companies trying to manage the public’s perception has a certain type. Presentation is usually done through some celebrities like movie star or politician. Services and products and even works of art and entertainment and different organizations are also used for the purpose of discussion.


This is a form of marketing communication that involves two things. First, it includes the name of the service or product, and secondly, the narrative that benefits the product will provide to consumers. The main goal of advertising is to convince a person to buy a product. Mass production has had a very important role behind the development of advertising. Advertising was to rise in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Direct Marketing

This is a relatively new type of marketing that involves looking for people in the target, and then communicate with them information about the product.

There are two things that distinguish it from other types of marketing. The first thing is that it tries to sell products directly to consumers. It does not use a form of media that interventions to reach consumers. The second thing is that it rests on a “call to action” mechanism. This means that it focuses on the positive response from the consumer, what a medium.



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