Marketing Communication using email newsletters and Direct Mail to Maintain Sales Momentum


Constantly communicating marketing messages is an important part of the marketing communication strategy and crucial to maintain sales momentum in the sales pipeline. Everyday customers and prospects will be traded and the message would benefit from being delivered to multiple channels such as marketing newsletter (ezine) and direct mail. Using diversity policy is good because you can not know which marketing channel to reach through, delivering marketing messages and tip the scale, bringing your business to the top of their mind. Extra channels you communicate through and how often to communicate, increases the likelihood that when your client is on a burning platform and looking for solutions, your message will be there to solve their problems.

Email, telephone, direct mail letters and email campaigns can all play a part in the marketing communication package. In the past I have mentioned I used to be contacts with me to deliver email campaigns. For example, I use email campaigns to deliver a newsletter for my Executive sales support. You may have thought to send a campaign to market your business. Let’s look at the newsletters sent by e-mail campaigns, and how to identify newletter statistics they provide, can help you zero in and maintain sales momentum.

We could do email campaigns, direct mail on the Internet, however, there are several advantages when you take advantage of e-mail to send the message. Benefits such as delivering messages to more customers and prospects and deliver it faster, some of the first benefits I think. This alone can help maintain sales momentum in the sales pipeline simply casting the net wider and increasing the number of customers and prospects who hear the message.

Delivering email campaign message gets overtime in several other ways. Most importantly, email campaigns generate statistics. Take an overview look at how analyzing these data can improve the efficiency of not only the message but also the ability to follow through.

One way to begin utilizing campaign statistics to implement split testing to improve messaging target. Split testing is a method that sends messages with two slightly different wording and uses statistics to determine which message drew more attention. Another important aspect of email campaigns is that they allow you to highlight words in your message. The highlighted words, called links, take the reader to places like your website, where more information about the company and the products you offer can be found. As these links are followed, the statistics are generated. Analyzing these statistics, gives you insight into what products general interest newsletter readers and especially who are interested in these products.

In short, email campaigns improve your ability to maintain sales momentum in the sales pipeline with not only deliver messages to more customers and prospects, and do it faster, but also by producing statistics. Analyze this newsletter statistics, gives you insight into what interests contacts, which allows you to target messages better and improve your follow up by equipping you with statistical knowledge

While you’re out to see customers and close deals , do not forget to ask how your customers and prospects heard of the company. Their answers will allow you to monitor any communication channel providing impact.



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