Marketing Communication – 6 prototypes Marketing Communication You can employ to promote


Marketing and Promotion can occur through a variety of ways. Creativity can not stand, all the marketing and promotion can be classified into 1 of 6 prototypes

These six forms of marketing communication are as follows :.

1. Media

Media marketing communication refers to any traditional mass distribution of broadcast or publication with a large amount of viewers, listeners or views. TV, Radio, Internet Banner Ads, magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc are all kinds of traditional media marketing.

is a new addition to this type of marketing communication is webinars and social networking sites on the Internet.

Regarding the up-front costs, media marketing communications tend to be the most expensive type of marketing. This is because the value related to mass volume. The back end award is due to the volume, the actual cost per lead can be reduced if a large amount responds to the marketing effort. So, the trade off is that it may cost more up front but can cause more ways vol.

2. Mail

Mail is equally popular method of marketing communication. Whether there is a direct and independent or bundled in a mass mailing are millions of marketing messages sent by mail daily. The distribution of marketing messages in the mail is difficult, though. It is so easy for the message to simply hit the trash.

Ideally, if the marketing communication is performed in the post, it should be a target list. A target list is a list of subscribers who express an interest for specific products or services. Since mail is paid per delivery, it is more cost effective to mail to individuals who expressed interest or have shown interest with previous consumption.

3. Phone

The phone is another obvious form of marketing communications. Whether it is the living dialing or if contact is established by auto-dialer, the phone can be an effective way to contact a lot of people in a short time. In the call, because the number of prefixes also target specific geographical areas. Limitations to the phone, however, imply that any answer or have voicemail and short message exposure. In addition, the legalities will be considered because of the “do not call” list that allows code to opt-out from direct marketing.

4. Electronic

Electronic marketing communication is best know by fax or email. These are very cost efficient media with email marketing to be near infinite return as well because of the negligible costs associated. Also available message space is almost infinite, as well.

Another growing forms of electronic marketing SMS and MMS through mobile phones. This is otherwise known as a text or picture message. Systems are available now that can mass text to multiple mobile numbers at once, or allow consumers to text in a specific message to a 5-digit number to get pre-formatted messages. This is usually associated with competition for sufficient enticement.

issues with electronic marketing communication, quite similar mail and phone, you must build a list of names and associated email addresses or numbers, in order to market in volume.

5. Direct contact

Marketing communications through direct contact is less efficient without talking to groups. And even then, it is usually limited to a very finite number. This is in stark contrast to other forms of marketing above.

In addition, direct contact can be aggressive or assertive form of marketing and requires special verbal communication skill set. If direct communication is not handled properly, the prospect can be easily removed.

The underlying theme in direct contact, the action needs to be done to determine the interests of consumers and to tailor solutions that meet their needs and interests, against the needs of the market.

This is true for all types of marketing, but especially poignant and pronounced by direct contact.

6. Reference

This service marketing communication is very strong and very effective. It relies on the testimony previously satisfied consumers market. It is actually marketing based on the strength of relationships. It has been reported that it is 6 times easier to market any where the relationship has already been established, but to create a new contact.

Reference based marketing communication is truly a form of flattery or supplement companies can get as it reflects a genuine acceptance, appreciation, and acceptance of an established relationship. Theoretically, the quality businesses grow, referral marketing dissatisfied consumers can be a perpetual source of new customers.

A key concept to remember when hiring any form of marketing communication is that research shows that it usually takes an average of 7-9 exposures messages before consumers will respond to the offer. This means that the budget should take into account when deciding on a specific form of marketing communication.

Another key concept is that you have to do split testing and statistical analysis to objectively determine what marketing messages and marketing communication ways, are producing.



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