Marketing and Consumer Psychology


Consumer behavior is defined as the act of the customer chooses, detects, buy, use and dispose off the product, experience and decide whether to use the brand or product again or to go to any other product. This behavior can be individual or group. Certain groups can be defined in terms of age, race, professional etc.The study consumer psychology can help organizations improve their marketing methods. The consumer study actually says market what leads them to buy a brand or not. The impact on consumer behavior in society is also important. What kind of product is sold more frequently, such as toys, clothes, perfumes etc. issues at hand to understand the many and varied but the main key points are:

• How consumers feel, think and understand the product?

• How they respond to different products and brands?

• Does it meet their needs?

• What are the selection criteria of?

• How can they cope with the differences between the various products and brands?

For example, the type of detergent can be purchased in 10 different brands on the market. What makes a brand of detergent so special to the consumer that he / she would go to the market and undoubtedly would buy only brand of detergent? Another important point was responding to distinguish brands with other brands? Is the brand make them feel they have bought for money? Does it make them feel satisfied as a customer because the product is of high quality?

Consumer behavior makes the essential point here. What is the behavior of the consumer while going to the store to buy a certain brand? Are they sure about the brand they choose. Is it the best option for them? Sometimes the knowledge of consumers is limited it is actually beneficial for your brand. The reason is that more consumer choice is faced with the more confused he becomes and the more likely he choose any other product.

Importance of different products makes a significant difference in the selection process by the consumer. For example, the toothpaste is very valuable commodity. Everyone buys it. How important is it for consumers to buy toothpaste, even if he did not get to a certain type available. Would consumers then go and buy something else toothpaste or would await a particular type. But since it is very important and must be purchased, the consumer would obviously go for the second choice if the first choice is not available.

Market needs to improve marketing plans in such a way that the product is available to consumers and effective way that the consumer would not even think about going to the next brand. This will be achieved if the consumer is material and not switch to other brands. There are two types of consumer studies- primary and secondary schools. Secondary studies are based on the current data and information. The main research is based on data that we take. The kind of research you design and implement yourself. Research will always help us to reduce risk, but remember that they can not eliminate them completely.

Understanding consumer psychology will benefit your marketing campaign.