Internal Communication and internal Marketing – Synergetic Perspectives


Internal communication can be considered part of internal marketing mix. According to the internal market point of view, workers should be considered and treated as internal customers, which must be met with the same attention, diligence and strategies dedicated to external clients. Approved internal marketing approach ensures employee loyalty, motivation and productivity. The positive consequence is that by meeting the needs of internal customers, the agency should be in a better position to deliver the necessary quality to satisfy external customers.

same marketing tools used to draw customers can serve to attract and keep the best employees, and earn the best results from them. For customers who purchase goods and services differ little from those who “buy” jobs from companies, that is, who work there.

Consequently, internal marketing adopts traditional marketing to develop and deploy “work product” to employees, internal customers. “Job products” are information, knowledge, physical and social environment and tools necessary internal customers to successfully carry out their job so achieve organizational and personal work goals.

“internal customers” employees receiving internal work products and “internal suppliers” are those that provide such products and may include all departments and business as a whole, but also instructors and colleagues.

“Internal products” are the values ​​and attitudes of employees need to be successful marketing strategies and training required to develop internal customer knowledge.

“Price” is defined as the cost to employees gain new knowledge, but “internal promotion” to effective communication to employees, for example, the use of face to face communication, recognition and reward system.

Furthermore tools used to distribute the products on its internal customers represent “inner place”. Examples include formal meetings and the use of consultants to provide in-house learning progress. It is also necessary to use “Physical evidence”, that is, in the workplace environment.

Regarding internal communications as part of internal marketing mix opens up a wide range of potential ideas and practical consequences. First of all, it is the integration of external communication.

If internal communication strategies are crafted parallel external marketing, stand advertised promises a better chance of being fulfilled provided the level of performance because the staff is better able to implement them.

Another practical side it is advisable to undertake a careful division of “internal public” organization in order to produce a message that fully meet the specific communication needs.

Internal marketing should always be a two-way communication process between employees and management. Internal marketing can have an effect on internal communication improvement, and encourage employees to participate in the use of customer-focused quality management for all planning.



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