Integrated Marketing Communication Plan in six steps


An integrated marketing communication plan is a systematic process where all your business communication with customers and stakeholders is consolidated under a single theme or type. Every advertisement, promotion, press release or online message must be part of a larger unified messaging. This unity will give customers the feeling that the company is reliable.

as the last purpose of marketing is to drive up revenue, build brand awareness and increase market share, you need to do this effectively. Create Integrated Marketing Communication Plan is the first thing you need to do. You can do it by following these six steps.

1. stated objectives

Clear objectives given Communication Plan focus. Do not be too soft on you – set measurable goals such as “increase revenue by 10% every year.” This will inspire you and will make sure you focus on those activities that add the most to your bottom line.

2. strengthen the identity

Identification of your company is given through a sign, slogan and use of colors. Make sure all this fit very business and are used constantly on flyers, business cards, website and other marketing materials. It is best to use a slogan and make sure that your logo fits the color scheme you use.

3. Think message through

You should think carefully about what you want to communicate with your customers and stakeholders. What is important for them, what benefits they particularly interested in how you want them to perceive your business? Then all this information in a brochure, website or other content-based marketing tool. By giving people the opportunity to learn about your business, you will develop confidence in their solutions and this is important to get the sale.

4. Vera in mind

awareness and visibility in the core process of attracting new customers. With free marketing, advertising, direct mail campaigns and your website, you make your position in the market stronger. It is important, however, that communication efforts targeting the right audience – the people who are going to buy your services and products. It’s just good to be visible if your message and approach is consistent and improve the bottom line.

5. Creating Connections

often even more important than attracting new customers is to ensure that you keep the existing ones. Start an online newsletter to let existing customers know that you are still there, and to let them know about special offers and news about your business. Regular, well thought out newsletters reinforces the impression that your business is a serious, reliable and stable.

6. a budget and time-line

As time passes, it will change your business, but if you have a plan with objectives, means and a budget that will help you stay focused and get things done.

Think of the right elements of the marketing communication mix life. You must make sure all communications are visible, coherent, organized and strong. If you get an integrated marketing communication plan by following the steps outlined above, you can succeed.



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