How Does Mobile Marketing Work?


Communication with customers and partners are very important for the company and organization to keep them updated. From regular newsletters, postal mail, print ads and brochures; everything is now sent through the mail. Email is definitely more convenient to use and it would deliver information quickly compared with the previous means of communication.

However, the use of email created a big problem because there are huge amounts of unsolicited messages are sent out to potential customers. So these emails either end in the spam box or become junk mail. Another development in customer relations has been and is now becoming popular; a Mobile text messaging.

How mobile marketing work and what makes Mobile text messaging more effective than sending emails? Here are some of the things that e-mail and postal mail can not stand but can be done via mobile phone text messages:

• High-impact and timely delivery message- people bring with them their mobile phones; therefore, the information sent will be read as soon as they come to carry mail and mail

• Personal attention – when a person receives a text message. natural to read it immediately. Thus, the text more attention than e-mail and most of the time these mails are posted on to read the second time.

• Geo targeting is much easier- market can easily make smart targeting customers based on information from customers. It would be easier to know what type of content that people would want to get. Most marketers take advantage of real-time customer geographical location to send a message

• Almost 100% of the messages are opened -. Given the statistics, most messages received by potential customers have been opened and read because the message mailbox is full; mobile phone users will not be able to get other messages. Mobile users would normally open the message

• Short messages are often read in full – to compare e-mail, the receiver can delete the message by simply looking at the subject of the email. the short messages are read as a whole, most especially if the message is engaging and interesting

• Extremely high purchase rate -. people who would subscribe to SMS Marketing phone are likely to be interested in products and services. What these subscribers are really looking for is the latest promotions and campaigns; they are looking for good reasons to buy shares from the company website

• Marketing Campaigns are more interactive, fun and engaging -. a market can come up with creative campaign through mobile text messaging. The best example is SMS poll voting or it could be a simple survey; some popular celebrities and TV shows come up with 2-way text messaging. Mobile text messaging campaigns are definitely more interactive deliver email

• Corporate campaigns and client alerts -. Text of a particular company presentations are quickly delivered to targeted customers. Necessary information or notifications are sent out via SMS blast making it easier for marketers to communicate with their customers.