Content marketing scenarios and benefits


“Content is King” the media mogul Sumner Redstone famously said. And in internet marketing this is indeed true. While the technology may change, the need for new informative or entertaining content is always in demand.

create quality content with a strategic focus is a special skill. See content marketing examples below to learn how some of the good stuff can be used to increase the visibility and develop customer relationships and how Right Hand Planning can help small businesses develop great content.

Content Marketing Example

“Content” is information that is shown by search engines when people search for information online. The more content you have the more likely you are to get found. Some examples of topics include:

  • Websites
  • Blog Entries
  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Tweet
  • Facebook Posts
  • White Papers
  • Videos
  • MP3s
  • PDFs
  • PowerPoint Presentations

Why is Content Important in Internet Marketing?

Content is very important in internet marketing because that’s how you get to find online. The more you put out there – strategically, concise and connect with you, of course – the more chance there is to catch prospects looking for the type of information online

important ways to use the materials in the Internet. Marketing

Increase Visibility

Offering a more diverse types of content increases the chances that Google or another search engine determines information concerning the search client and show. content search

Situation -. Today Google is to serve more variety in their search results, including video, local files with maps, news and PDFs if they are relevant

opportunity -. There are fewer web pages only links, but there are more opportunities to be seen in a less competitive media

build power

Situation – spread knowledge around the web and get it hosted a strategic partner not only gives you exposure to customers, but it also shows Google that you are considering popular authority on the subject.

opportunity -. These backlinks are the essence of SEO in terms of getting higher rankings, and they are an important source of targeted, direct traffic is not subject to Google

Relationship Building

Situation -. Getting traffic to your website is a good start, start a relationship with visitors is even better

opportunity – Great content can be offered as a download, using continuing email or video sequences or even sold the product. If someone agrees to download or subscribe to get information offers, which is the start of real (OK, online!) Association.

Increase Upgrade and frequency Site Updates

Situation – Google now offers users the option of searching for a place when they were updated. If you are producing content on a regular basis then people looking for information updated within days, hours, weeks or custom range will find you. Clearly the timeliness issue in some subject and Google now offers search functions

opportunity -. It does not mean static pages are in any danger, some material is not time sensitive. it is also the opportunity to use fresh supply industry and business news to make the use of these new search criteria.

Increased long-tail keywords Opportunities

definition – Long seeking Tail referring to the surprise that can account for more traffic to the site but traffic coming by keywords target

It is called “long tail” because of how it appears. a graph. The popular keywords show that the rise of the left side of the graph and the number of low volume keywords trail off to the right make up the long tail.

Although the amount of individual long search tail are low, the total amount of these “onesy-twosy” searches make up the long tail to the total level as much or more than the volume of popular keyword search

Situation -. as Internet marketers we are trained to select high-volume search terms to attract the most visitors, but it has been said that up to 50% of all search terms entered online have never been searched before. Often these search containing three or more words and is therefore specific to the subject

opportunity -. By using multiple uniquely written piece of information, even on the same subject, it will be more likely to capture the longer, less well known, seeks to make a long tail in the business

The Art of Persuasion -. Write informative or Authority Site Copy and Sales Copy

Situation – What is the format of the content you provide online is almost always intended to convince some degree. Depending on where in the sales cycle / purchase funnel you are trying to reach customers, for the purpose could be to provide first information (upper funnel), show your personality or bring your power (mid funnel), it might contain sales copy to close the deal (lower funnel)

opportunity – Since it is usually necessary to reach customers on every purchase levels :. from intelligence to be reduced to suppliers (consideration set) to make the final purchase; provide a good amount of content to reach them at all levels is a necessary practice.

Also, content marketing is not only in the larger Internet, it is also important to add fresh copy to your own website blog or social media to attract search and show that up on the latest industry news and development.

Why be content development Marketing Professional?

creating content can be fun but it can also be tedious and time consuming. Make it needs the right research (to avoid “Spray and pray” target technology) and it involves rewriting basically the same information in many articles, PDFs, videos, press releases and other formats mentioned above.

If you like research and learn new techniques, like how to make MP3 from a video, or how to turn article narrated PowerPoint presentations, but you’ll enjoy the process. But often we run out of time to actually get this done, which means that the content never makes it online where it is necessary to do its job.

Research and location

A content marketing firm will help you find the right keywords for each piece of material and then develop content creation and placement program that makes sure you are providing information potential customers need their all through their intelligence and purchase decision-making stages.

Getting Content Seen Online

Content marketing works best when it is widely distributed on sites where potential customers will see it. If you are new to marketing materials you might not have a ready list of distribution locations for the content or know about the analytic tools used to study and evaluate the potential distribution sites.

A professional content marketing company will receive material placed on relevant, valuable sites are driving traffic to your site but also to increase your visibility in the search results.