Communication is key in Hairdressing


I have known many hair stylist next few years, and the work has been varied to say the least.

I’ve seen stylist from Little Salon, in the province, a fashion stylist in major cities here in the UK and abroad.

One all top stylist share is the ability to communicate effectively.

Understand the customer wants and needs is an important part of the communication skills required of a good hair stylist, creating desired looks is very important, but it’s not what I mean communication is’ brought Hairdressing.

Once you have decided on the look that the customer wants, and you have deciphered how the cut will be made, what methods to use, and if the hair color will play a part of the over all look, then start a conversation and this is part of the communication I want to talk about.

ask customers where they are going on vacation or if they are going out tonight are some of the first “Ice Breaker’s” you can use, but to get a real conversation going is the key to Make a lasting relationship with your customers.

Try to get to really know your customers, and take a genuine interest in what they are doing, you will be surprised with the experience of different customers undertake, and they can amaze you insight into their hobbies and interests. Let customers “Run” with their conversation, it’s hard sometimes, but do not fall into the trap of saying, “what happened to me” and highjacking conversation.

conversation will always be for them, this is important, remember, boring is someone who always talks about herself

I may have mentioned this before, but at the risk of repeating me ,. I spent even a lot of money advertising and tried to make friends and everyone I knew a client. This worked only in part, but when I did my clients, my friends, this made the biggest difference to my clientele, it went from strength to strength, sometimes it’s weeks before the customer can get in to see me.

I think it is important to work on your skills as a hairdresser, and constantly trying to improve them, but do not forget to improve your communication skills, this may be an area that will financially benefit you the most, having a strong customer base will help you to charge the right amount for your time and it will strengthen your income for years to come.

Enjoy your hairdresser.

John McLoughlin.