7 skills to be Sport Marketing Director


There are many skills required to be a successful marketing in the sports world. After references some job and people in the sports industry, seven skills that I found to be most important are :.

Organizational Skills- must have strong ability to organize material and human resources while maintaining attention to detail

Written / Oral Communication Skills- effectively present information and respond to questions from customers, managers and the public. Also, the ability to persuade and listen to the ideas of others is necessary.

Computer Skills- Should know how to use many different computer applications (ie internet, Excel, PowerPoint). Should be able to keep records and develop databases.

Creative Thinking- Must possess the ability to think “out of the box” and keep marketing systems constantly new and attractive. Developing new angle producing good results.

Resistance to Stress- Must be able to be negotiated and handle stressful situations. Marketing can not easily get discouraged and will be focused on the goals at hand.

Very Motivated- Must have desire to improve the team / company to its full potential. Must be able to keep your customers happy and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and complete tasks efficiently.

Leadership- will be able to effectively lead a team / group to achieve objectives. Even when the authority to lead is not provided, marketing director should be able to persuade and negotiate in order to successfully accomplish the task.

These seven skills are important to the success of marketing and should strive for in the learning process of becoming a marketing director. As a marketing director in the fast paced world of sports, he / she should also be able to adapt to changing market trends and be able to learn quickly.